Ultimate List of Dark Web Markets

An ultimate list of best dark web markets links 2021.

If you’re searching for Tor markets on deep web/darknet, this is where you start.

Every single one of these .onion marketplaces have been evaluated based on a number of factors, such as:

  • Escrow type (Standard/ Multisig/ F.E)
  • Fund security
  • Account security
  • No. of products
  • Wallet-type (wallet-less/ centralized)
  • Accepted Cryptocurrencies
  • Vending fee/ requirements
  • And uptime.

Legal disclaimer

Buying/selling on dark web markets is illegal. Buying legal goods too is illegal when illegally acquired funds are used. Simple deposit/withdrawals too may be illegal if you’re trying to launder money or commit any other crime.

This article is solely and exclusively to be used for educational purposes. You are not encouraged to buy/sell on these markets. That is a crime. These darknet market links are not to be used for any practical purposes.

Only you will be responsible for any and all of your acts, which includes trading in any way/shape/form on these Tor markets.

Financial and legitimacy disclaimer

We haven’t verified the “legitimacy” of these dark web market links.

Any of these dark web marketplaces may be a complete scam, or exit-scam in the future. Similarly, we haven’t verified the legitimacy of any of the vendors either.

If you do trade on these markets (which you shouldn’t, that’s illegal), we can’t be held responsible if you lose your funds or run into any other kind of problem (including your entire Crypto wallet being hacked/ system being hijacked or anything else).

You must ensure your own safety and security. You can use the steps provided below to make that happen. Do note that we aren’t guaranteeing security in any way.

How to access dark web markets securely and anonymously

The dark web is very thin ice. It’s not illegal just “accessing” these markets but you really shouldn’t take any chances.If you do decide to visit these markets, do remember to NEVER buy/sell on these markets.

If you follow the steps provided below, you’ll be invisible to the law enforcement, hackers or any other third-parties interested in tracking/tracking you.

Step #1: Close everything that’s open on your system.

Step #2: Download NordVPN. It’s the only VPN that provides servers specially optimized for the dark web. It also publicly got its “no log” policy audited and verified by an independent third-party.

Step #3: Launch NordVPN and connect to its “Onion over VPN” servers. (You can also connect to a normal server).

Step #4: Download Tor Browser (or launch it if you already have it downloaded)

Step #5: Launch Tor browser and increase its safety settings to the “safest”. If a website forces you to change these settings, avoid that site completely.

Step #6: Enter the URL of the dark web market you’re trying to visit.

Best Dark Web Markets Comparison Table

Market Features
Cryptocurrencies:BTC/XMR/ ZCASH/LTC
Wallet mode: Wallet-less + Centralized (optional)
Total Products: 22000+
Vendor-fee: $1500.00
Multisig: Yes
world market
Cryptocurrencies: BTC, XMR
Wallet mode: Centralized
Total products: 22000+
Vendor-fee: $1500.00
Multisig: No
Royal Market
Cryptocurrencies: BTC, XMR
Wallet Mode: Wallet-less
Total Products: 20,000+
Vending: $250.00
Multisig: No
Cryptocurrencies: BTC/LTC
Wallet Mode: Wallet-less
Total Products: 3500+
Vendor-fee: Not disclosed
Multisig: Yes
Cryptocurrencies: BTC/XMR
Wallet mode: Wallet-less
Vendor-fee: $500.00
Multisig: Yes
Vice City
Cryptocurrencies: BTC/XMR
Wallet mode: Centralized
Total Products: 8000+
Vendor-fee: $300
Multisig: No
Televend market
Cryptocurrencies: BTC/XMR/LTC
Wallet mode: Wallet-less
Vendor-fee: 1%-4%
Multisig: No
The French Connection http://abyssou4y5ang24dn4cfkrwd3fsiczx7xg7n7mzlcthrpktfcar6j2qd.onionCryptocurrencies: BTC
Wallet mode: Centralized
Total Products: Not specified
Vendor-fee:  Not allowed
Multisig: No
Cocaine Market
Cryptocurrencies: BTC
Wallet mode: Centralized
Total Products: 30+
Vendor-fee:  Not allowed
Multisig: No
Silk Road 4
Cryptocurrencies: BTC
Wallet mode: Wallet-less
Total Products: 2000+
Vendor-fee:  Not specified
Multisig: No

1. Torrez Market

.onion address: http://yxuy5oau7nugw4kpb4lclrqdbixp3wvc4iuiad23ebyp2q3gx7rtrgqd.onion

Market in a nutshell:

  • Accepted Cryptocurrencies: BTC/XMR/ ZCASH/LTC
  • Wallet mode: Wallet-less + Centralized (optional)
  • Total products: 22000+
  • Vendor-fee: $1500.00
  • Multisig: Yes

Torrez market is one of dark web markets which is ruling the dark web (in terms of users, features and overall trust).

The market is about 1.5 years old and has a massive product arsenal of nearly 40,000 products.

It’s also one of the few deep web markets that doesn’t seem influenced by the Empire interface. Its own interface is still very easy and friendly.

The most well-stocked products on the market include drugs, software, carded items, services, tutorials, fraud-related items etc.

It obviously lets other individuals sell on the market. In fact, over 1700 such vendors have already registered on the market. The vendor-fee is currently priced at $500.00. For every sale, the vendors also pay a fee between 4-%-5%.

It accepts more Cryptocurrencies than most other darknet markets, users can pay using BTC, XMR, LTC and ZCash. What’s more is it even supports multisig transactions! That massively increases fund-security and minimizes scam risks.

My favourite feature, the wallet-less payment mode too is made available. This almost eliminates any exit-scam or fund loss risks. Optionally, the centralized wallets too are available in case someone wants that.

As far as vendor-transparency goes, it’s impressive. For each vendor, his/her total sales, positive/negative/neutral feedback, and a “vendor rank” (dependent on overall performance) too is shown. Moreover, it even shows the vendor’s performance on other markets! In a nutshell, legitimacy can totally be verified before placing orders.

For security, there’s obviously 2-FA and a security PIN. On top of that, it also provides temporary OTPs via Google Authenticator and a few other modes. That’s very rare for a dark web market.

2. World Market

.onion address: http://worldehc62cgugrgj7oc76tcna45fme47oqjrei4d4aa7xorw7fyvcyd.onion

Market in a nutshell:

  • Accepted Cryptocurrencies: BTC/XMR
  • Wallet mode: Centralized
  • Total products: 22000+
  • Vendor-fee: $1500.00
  • Multisig: No

World Market is probably the most rapidly growing darknet market in the industry. The market does require registrations, this is free and anonymous.

If you ever used Empire Market, you’ll see major resemblance when it comes to the UI. This keeps things simple, friendly and easy to understand.

It has over 2200 products listed for sale. On top of this, an autoshop exists as well. It sells cards and accounts. Items bought from the autoshop are delivered instantly. There’s also a card checker which makes sure a user only pays for live cards.

All of these products can be bought using both Bitcoin and Monero. The market creates on-market wallet for each cryptocurrency, direct external purchases aren’t allowed.

For account security, there’s PGP-driven 2-FA as well as a security PIN for funds. The login phrase is missing though. (Does have a “profile text” feature but it doesn’t seem to work much).

Vending is open and allowed for everyone, has a pretty hefty $1500.00 vendor fee. The fee is non-refundable. The market can’t be used to buy/sell weapons, illegal porn, hitman & prostitution services etc.

Very informative vendor profiles are available. Vendor levels, trust levels, sales from other markets, total disputes, feedback score etc. displayed.

3. Royal Market

.onion address: http://5t2ngyhfqeiqn5z46xd2hsfulabkxxxxnfifk3tzn3ou7mjgvfka4fyd.onion

Market in a nutshell:

  • Accepted Cryptocurrencies: BTC + XMR
  •  Wallet mode: Wallet-less
  • Total products: 20,000+
  • Vending: $250.00
  • Multisig: No.

This is a fully featured, third-party darkweb market. This means it accepts independent sellers, and sells almost everything that’s generally expected from one such market.

Right off the bat, I loved the fact that it didn’t copy its UI from Empire Market. The UI is slightly different, unique and minimalistic.

As of August, 2021; about 20000+ products are listed. The available product types include drugs, digital products, fraud-items, leaks, counterfeit etc.

It boasts over 21,000+ registered users despite the fact that registration isn’t mandatory for browsing products!

It’s wallet-less and that’s one of the best features any darknet market can offer. It allows payments both via Bitcoin and Monero.

Any individual can start selling after depositing a $250.00 vendor fee. There’s a PIN which protects account even if you lose your password. Additionally, 2-FA too is available which makes adds an extra security layer on top of your password.

For every single listing, it shows that specific listing’s ratings (positive/negative), F.E status of the vendor, the vendor level etc. The total completed orders for each vendor too is shown.  Even ratings from other markets are fetched which help in verifying a vendor’s legitimacy.

4. CannaHome

.onion address: http://cannabmgae3mkekotfzsyrx5lqg7lj7hgcn6t4rumqqs5vnvmuzsmfqd.onion

Market in a nutshell:

  • Accepted Cryptocurrencies: BTC/LTC
  • Wallet mode: Wallet-less
  • Total products: 3500+
  • Vendor-fee: Not disclosed
  • Multisig: Yes

CannaHome is one of the most feature-rich dark web markets on this list. It’s also one of the most “exclusive” markets (both for buyers and vendors).

Registration is mandatory and only possible if you have an invite code.

Then, its very secure and unique “phishing protection” is impressive. Second, it has a very unique and different UI from all other dark web marketplaces on this list.

Third, wallet-less payment mode! Anything can be purchased without depositing or holding funds in advance.

As the name suggests, it’s dedicated exclusively to Cannabis (and Shrooms). Available product categories include flowers, concentrates, edibles, distillate and shrooms.

On the welcome dashboard, it shows a list of the most active vendors. There’s a separate “top vendors” list as well, this helps instantly find the most trustworthy vendors on the market.

Sellers are obviously accepted. But even that’s exclusive and another reason why we love CannaHome. It requires that every single vendor must have at least 500+ sales and 6month+ experience. The market only accepts USA-based vendors.

For payments you can use Bitcoin and Litecoin! For security, users can enable 2-FA via PGP.

5. Cannazon

.onion address: http://cannazo73ou34ev3vnvuq75wb2ienpcztqudkdozpuitvykqhvtiffyd.onion

Market in a nutshell:

  • Accepted Cryptocurrencies: BTC/XMR
  • Wallet mode: Wallet-less
  • Vendor-fee: $500.00
  • Multisig: Yes

Cannazon is a “Cannabis Market”. If you need anything else, you better check the other options on this list of best darknet markets. If you are looking for dark web drug markets, it can be go to source for you. Here, you will find Weed, Hash, Seeds, Edibles etc.

You can check the products on Cannazon even without registration. It’s open for all.

Despite being limited with its product “niche”, it still has a few hundred products listed which is impressive.

Payments can be made using both Bitcoin as well as Monero. It ticks two of my favourite features, first, it’s wallet-less. So yes, users do not need to deposit funds to the market, they can use their external wallet to send funds directly to the market.

Secondly, it uses both 2 of 2 and 2 of 3 multisig transactions. No one’s getting scammed and that’s almost guaranteed.

It’s an escrow/third-party marketplace so obviously independent vendors must be accepted. It demands an acceptable $500.00 as its vendor-bond. It’s not a “fee” because vendors do get it back if and when they willingly close their vendor accounts.

It’s the only market I’ve seen which offers extensive guides on payment security, wallet interface and other non-market related topics.

Vendor profiles are descriptive! No. of positive/negative ratings, joining date, and even the total no. of completed orders is shown.

6. Vice City

.onion address: http://vice2e3gr3pmaikukidllstulxvkb7a247gkguihzvyk3gqwdpolqead.onion

Market in a nutshell:

  • Accepted Cryptocurrencies: BTC/XMR
  • Wallet mode: Centralized
  • Total products: 8000+
  • Vendor-fee: $300
  • Multisig: No

The name for the market is inspired from the wildly popular video game with the same name. Even the admin calls himself Tommy Vercetti (the protagonist in the game).

Anyway, it too is a third-party, escrow marketplace which connects buyers and vendors. The vendor account costs $300.00.

Registration is required to gain any and all kind of access to the market.

In a surprising bid, the market prohibits all and any kind of “porn”. This even includes porn accounts. Obviously weapons and hitman services too are banned.

The products can be purchased using both Bitcoin and Monero. It isn’t wallet-less. For both the cryptocurrencies, advance deposits is mandatory. 3 confirmations for Bitcoin and 10 for Monero required.

It easily boasts about 8000 products listed in various categories such as fraud related products, digital items, counterfeits, Benzos, Stimulants and over two dozen other drug types.

For each vendor, total positive rating and sales is shown. Also fetches the vendor’s performance (sales/ratings) from other darknet markets. Finally, the market does offer 2-FA as well as the security PIN.

7. Televend

.onion address: http://televenkzhxxxe6sw4fntkm4csj6s4csqkuczqhrz6aw7ae3me2tjlyd.onion

Market in a nutshell:

  • Accepted Cryptocurrencies: BTC/XMR/LTC
  • Wallet mode: Wallet-less
  • Vendor-fee: 1%-4%
  • Multisig: No

This is probably the most unique darknet market I’ve ever seen! It uses “Telegram” as its market interface! Well yes, you can place orders, check vendors and basically do everything else using Telegram!

The products currently available include almost everything from drugs, clothing, electronics, fake documents to digital goods.

Vendors are accepted only if they can prove their legitimacy via Recon. Multiple vendor stages available such as “new vendor”, “verified vendor”, “established vendor” “veteran vendor” and so on. These levels are primarily dependent on the no. of sales made by a vendor.

Vendors need to pay a 1%-4% fee/sale. The exact % depends on the total sale amount by the vendor. Vendors need to deposit fee in advance on the market, any amount they see fit. This fee is used for all sales till it’s completely exhausted.

Despite being on Telegram, the market does have an “escrow” mode of payment. You can use escrow if you use Bitcoin. You can also pay using LTC, and XMR but escrow isn’t supported for these Cryptocurrencies.

Obviously it’s wallet-less, there are no “accounts” to begin with!

8. The French Connection

.onion address: http://abyssou4y5ang24dn4cfkrwd3fsiczx7xg7n7mzlcthrpktfcar6j2qd.onion

Market in a nutshell:

  • Accepted Cryptocurrencies: BTC
  •  Wallet mode: Centralized
  • Total products: Not specified
  • Vending: Not allowed
  • Multisig: No

TFC isn’t a multi-vendor market. It’s owned by a single group. Despite that, it’s being included here because it’s been here for a very long time and has proven its legitimacy.

It’s one of the best dark web drug markets as far as single-admin markets are concerned. Ketamine, Heroine, Cocaine etc. are some of the available products. Everything can be purchased using Bitcoin only.

It doesn’t offer refunds of any kind. Registrations aren’t required for browsing products but are mandatory for placing orders.

No escrow, multisig or other security features available.

9. Cocaine Market

.onion address: http://cocain2itdseriirz6akhtukerj7hh6cnkytkgrfjdsxn65rknizbjyd.onion

Market in a nutshell:

  • Accepted Cryptocurrencies: BTC
  •  Wallet mode: Centralized
  • Total products: 30+
  • Vending: Not allowed
  • Multisig: No

Next, we have on dark web market list is Cocaine Market.

This too is a single-vendor market and doesn’t allow independent sellers to sell on the market. It can only be accessed after registering on the platform.

Obviously, as the name hints, it’s exclusively for Cocaine. Many different types of Cocaine is sold but no other drug or products are available.

The market isn’t wallet-less. It does provide an in-market wallet for deposits. Only BTC can be deposited to the wallet.

Because it’s controlled by a single vendor/group and because of its niche-limit, only about 30 products are listed so far.

No other advanced account or security features available. No escrow is used either.

10. Silk Road 4

.onion address: http://silkroad22gtemddxbbfxe57xmb4mxgcwnbwbvarpbghsseluxwdnvyd.onion/

Market in a nutshell:

  • Accepted Cryptocurrencies: BTC
  •  Wallet mode: Wallet-less
  • Total products: 2000+
  • Vendor-fee: Not specified 
  • Multisig: No

I’ll be honest, this definitely isn’t the best darknet market out there. However, it’s still a market that offers acceptable products and features.

For starters, the interface is extremely basic. It’s almost like a static webpage with listings on it.

The market doesn’t have many products either, maybe 2000 at best. Also, almost all the categories are drug-centric. There are two exceptions to this, the “Digital” category and the “physical” category.

Obviously poison, weapons, illegal porn etc. aren’t allowed. Surprisingly, it doesn’t allow users from Russia or the sale of any Russian personal information either.

It does accept independent vendors. In fact, even for vendor-transparency it’s pretty impressive. For each vendor, his/her positive, negative and neutral feedback and vendor level is displayed. The market doesn’t offer much information on how to become a vendor though.

The market offers standard escrow, F.E and even 50% F.E feature. For payments only Bitcoin is accepted. On the brighter side, no centralized wallet are used. It’s all wallet-less.

The basic security features exist, 2-FA and security PIN. A search-panel does exist but it doesn’t really offer many good filters. 

Darknet Market safety tips

I’m sure you’ve found a handful of best dark web markets to visit. However, here are a few tips you can follow when using these tor markets:

  • Use a random, unique username for registration that you’ve never used anywhere in your lifetime.
  • The password too should be unique, something you don’t use on the clearnet or anywhere else.
  • Learn PGP! Encrypt every single message you send to vendors/admins.
  • The “auto-encrypt” feature on some darknet markets isn’t secure. Never use it exclusively, without first encrypting your message externally.
  • Try not to use your primary wallet to send funds directly to a dark web market.
  • Never access these markets without NordVPN (or any other VPN that’s “dark web optimized” and has its “no log policy” publicly audited).

Conclusion – Best dark web markets in 2021

If you ask me, World Market, Torrez Market and Royal Market are some of the best dark web markets in existence.

 That’s solely based on their no. of products and features.

The single-vendor markets listed towards the end are okay as well, however, the lack of an escrow isn’t very desirable.

Either way, remember to never use these darknet market links to buy/sell on these markets. Also, never visit these dark web markets links without a VPN!